Millions of Indians are waiting for the official launch of the FAU-G game in India.

The launch of FAU-G might not be on par with that of PUBG Mobile India, but there is still some hype around the game. According to one website, there are already over 134k pre-registrations for the game. However, the pre-registration page of FAU-G surfaced on TapTap had crossed the 60000-mark and the page had over 80000 followers a week back. However, the authenticity of the page is in doubt in the wake of no confirmed statement.

However, according to some gaming sites report and by a popular game blogger Technical Guruji, FAU-G might actually be released on Thursday which is November 26. However, it must be pointed out that there has been no official communication from the makers of FAU-G yet

The build-up for PUBG Mobile India relaunch has been massive and that has unfortunately impacted another game which was dubbed as the alternative of PUBG. FAU-G, which was built by nCORE Games and which was announced by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in September, has been pushed to the background due to the build-up around PUBG Mobile India.DNApart

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